In House Catering


Full Service Catering

Citrus Park in-house wedding caterers offer gourmet dining options for your wedding, or event, at Citrus Park. Our experienced chefs are more than happy to meet and discuss custom menu options. Dinner options are served as a staffed-buffet, with a plated option available.

Our caterers provides servers, bussers and on-site chefs.

Call or Text

Weddings & Venue: (951) 515 - 6689 

(Office Hours Monday - Friday 10 AM - 5 PM)        

Group Picnic & Amphitheater: (951) 536-6206

(Office Hours Monday - Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM) 


9400 Dufferin Ave. Riverside, CA 92503

Mailing Address: CCEM 3840 Lemon St. Riverside, CA 92501


If you are interested in becoming a vendor please email us at